The water industry in Nigeria now enjoys a radio magazine programme tagged “Lets Talk Water“, to deepen public awareness on the essentials of clean and safe water, at all strata of the society.

Every week “Lets Talk Water” presents the latest industry reports, contributions from water professionals, market analysis, statistics, investment tips as well as investment, business opportunities in water, waste water and water treatment.

The programme is anchored and produced by Ms. Ego Nwokocha – Founder CEO Pinnacle Water Expo Centre, which is registered in Nigeria to showcase the potentials and opportunities in the water and water treatment industry across Africa to the rest of the world.


The programme educates listeners on water conservation practices and innovative water treatment methods analyzed and monitor impact of Government policies,regulations and bye-laws with respect to the water/waste water industry in Nigeria and internationally.


It also projects citizen’s feedback on the water situation in their locality and provide useful tips on the benefit of drinking water among others.




Thirty-eight of the fifty-four African States are coastal States. Africa’s aqatic and marine spaces have remained largely under exploited, if fully exploited and well managed, Africa’s Blue Economy can constitute a major source of wealth and catapult the continent’s fortunes.

The extraction of mineral resources and the generation of new energy resources provide the feedstock to resource-based industrialization and places Africa at the centre of global trade in value-added products, and no longer a supplier of unprocessed raw materials.

The blue economy development approach is an integral part of the African Agenda 2063. In Africa,  the most significant case is the viable diamond mining industry running off Namibia and adjacent coast of South Africa (recovery of 570,000 carats was reported in 2001 by the producer).

No doubt, the marine environment would in the nearest future become a very important source of precious minerals. Just as more Africa countries seem to discover huge commercial oil and gas finds along their coastline, the story of minerals could follow a similar path.

There is a resurgence of interest in metallic minerals as they constitute important component of today’s technological revolution. Also the demand for minerals as precious ornaments continues to rise; countries like China and India still purchase large quantities of metals despite the global economic slowdown. Currently, the value of solid marine minerals being produced globally per year is put at $2 Billion.

We assist government departments, agencies and private concerns to herness, exploit and manage her marine mineral resources in a sustainable manner, to yield significant economic returns and multiple value additions to the society.

Consultant’s Role:

» Strategic Implementation Plan

» Monitoring and evaluation

» Assemble a multi-disciplinary group of experts to work on the project.

» Provide support functions to the participating body of expert and contribute to building relations with stakeholder communities.

» Facilitate a reliable geotechnical characterization and mineral assessment of the country’s seabed.

»  Advise of relevant processing concept and technologies standards and risk assessment; education and training programmes; as well as dialogue with stakeholders’ communities.


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